Brownmonster has announced Rush Rally Origins, the next game in the popular Rush Rally series, will be coming soon to iOS and Android devices.

Rush Rally Origins is bringing the series back to its roots with the switch back to a classic top-down graphics style while also include the high end visual detail from Rush Rally 3’s engine.

It’ll feature 36 new race tracks in locations from all across the world, as well as ways to tweak the weather and time of day for extra variety. This also includes new surface types like snow, gravel and mud.

If you’ve played any of the previous Rush Rally games then the gameplay will largely remain familiar. You compete in a series of rally championships against others, and focus on improving your skills and times on each course.

The game will also have an online leaderboard system as well as ghosts you can download and race against to help improve your times.

It’s also important to upgrade your car, where you can unlock new ways to pimp your ride and tailor each car to your own driving habits.

Rush Rally Origins uses a control system designed for mobile interfaces, where you can scale, move or swap the onscreen buttons to suit your needs. It also includes support for gamepads if you’d prefer, and also allows up to 120fps on supported devices.

You’ll be able to play Rush Rally Origins later this year on the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store at some point in the future. Brownmonster will be revealing the release date in the coming weeks, and you can keep an eye on the official website to learn more.

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