Rocat Jumpurr has just released a massive update that introduces a new game mode featuring new modifiers, exciting rewards, and surprise powers. There will also be fresh Power-Ups to help boost your rocket-launching prowess as you zip around across the vastness of space.

Mousetrap Games’ adorable and fast-paced roguelite lets you play as a trigger-happy cat that uses a rocket launcher to propel itself throughout the galaxy, because why the heck not? Rocat Jumpurr’s wild and wacky art design coupled with the procedurally generated levels expected of the genre makes each playthrough a pleasant surprise.

Recoiling through space helps you get to your destination as well as battle cucumbers, pigeons, and mice while collecting goldfish and diamond yarns along the way. The kickback of the bazooka itself is an interesting mechanic for how you traverse the platforms around you. This time around, with the new Wild Mode, you’ll be able to take advantage of modifiers and Mega Power-Ups to boost your Pawer Catalog record.

“The mechanics of Rocat Jumpurr were developed by our team specializing in player psychology. We chose the most satisfying factors for the human brain: outbursts, the surprise effect and the joy of mastering the (unpredictable) bazooka. All this, accompanied by Rocat's sweet meowing and big, cross-eyed eyes, creates a lot of pleasurable gaming experience,” says Mousetrap Games Game Director Marcin Gola. “The first opinions of players testing the production are very positive. Just a few days after the technical launch, the game was awarded with ‘Games we Love’ category on App Store.”

Rocat Jumpurr is available to download on the App Store and on Google Play. The platforming roguelite dungeon crawler is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases. The game also bagged first place at the Very Big Indie Pitch in London in 2020.

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