LINE Games is once again lining up a series of events as the first anniversary celebrations continue. The latest announcement is the addition of a new Fatecore called ‘Dominator Neomi’, gifts and some limited-time events.

In the latest celebration period, players will get rewarded with 77 free recruits whilst Fated Hero Jinai along with her exclusive Fatecore can now be pulled with increased chances. The prizes are available in the 7 Days of Gift section, so make sure to claim them before they expire.

Elsewhere, Fated Hero Neomi is getting a new Fatecore called Dominator Neomi during this period, which is available untill June 3rd. Alongside that, the exclusive weapon ‘Eastern Guardian Blade is available alongside the variant of Neomi.

Regarding the new Fatecore, it features a male version of Neomi who hails from a parallel world where he has become the Patriarch of Brunn. The exclusive weapon, Eastern Guardian Blade is a special weapon that stores the power of the tyrant ruler of Brunn. Take a look at the special anniversary video released by LINE Games.

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The Eastern Guardian Blade is said to be one of the most unique exclusive weapons because of its power and base attributes. Players can head to the event right now to try out the new Fatecore as well as the exclusive weapon wielded by him.

Head to the special events that contain huge rewards that can be claimed after you complete certain tasks. These events will be available until June 10th. Recently, LINE Games had carried out several events featuring new Fatecores, exclusive weapons. You can read more about them in our hub page.

Exos Heroes is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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