Game developer Roger Schembri from Fireproof Studios has created a LEGO set based on the puzzle video game The Room 4: Old Sins, also created by Fireproof Studios. This follows last year’s creation which we also featured at the time.

Following on from their LEGO Ideas project from last year, which was based on the safe from the first The Room game, Schembri set their sights higher this time and went for a more ambitious building project.

This new build is based on the iconic dollhouse from The Room 4: Old Sins. It consists of an extended façade with many architectural features, from the wrought iron gates and walls surrounding the house, to details such as the ornate coat-of-arms plaque and detailed brickwork.

Inside, the dollhouse features a scaled-down version from the main game to accommodate all the rooms within the allotted space. Schembri managed to squeeze in every location featured in the game from the Foyer, Study, Kitchen and fold out Garden on the ground floor, to the Curiosity Room and Japanese Gallery on the first floor and the Maritime Room & Art Studio on the third floor.

There’s also the Attic at the top of the house, which even contains a smaller version of the dollhouse as a microbuild (and maybe an even smaller version of the dollhouse inside that, and then even a smaller version inside that, and then…)

Each room in the dollhouse features a corrupted book just like in the game as a 1x1 tile with a texture applied to it.

The Room 4: Old Sins was released on iOS and Android back in 2018, and received a PC release earlier this year. If you want to support this LEGO Ideas project, you can check it out at the link right here.

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