Square Enix has shown off some new footage of its upcoming battle royale title Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, which has also shed some new info about the game coming later this year.

The livestream went over the basics of the battle royale genre, revealing new information about the game and showcasing some live gameplay.

Square Enix is intending for the game to bring new things to the formula so it isn’t just a cookie cutter Battle Royale. This is achieved through the introduction of monsters, which are modelled after familiar enemies from Final Fantasy VII and roam the world attacking players.

These monsters bring a new dimension to the battle royale genre while also retaining the classic Final Fantasy VII formula.

While most of the footage already released for this game involves ranged combat, melee fighting will also be a big focus. While ranged combat obviously carries the advantage of being able to attack players or monsters from afar, melee may also be preferred in some situations as it does more damage and will also be quiet enough to not signal other players to your whereabouts.

Finally, Materia is also making a return to this game. Typically used to improve equipment in the Final Fantasy series, here it is used to enhance magic powers and special effects, making you stronger and more effective against enemies.

Materia isn’t dropped by monsters, so you’re encouraged to move around the map and engage with other players to get stronger rather than farming monsters all the time.

In other news, Square Enix has also announced it will be taking its mobile games to E3 later this year, so expect to see more of Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier when that event rolls around.

As for when you can start playing Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, you'll be able to sign up for the closed beta today until 27th May. The English language beta lasts from 1st June to 7th June, it will be only available on Google Play and only in US/Canada regions.

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