CYCLOPS Studio is releasing a new role-playing game for mobile platforms later this year called Monster Lord 2: Destiny. The Dungeons And Dragons-inspired RPG will release on iOS and Android on 18th June.

In Monster Lord 2: Destiny, you are a monster tamer who lives in the fantasy continent of Ufatall. As time goes on, unusual events involving these monsters start to occur and you have to solve the mystery, unravelling more of the truth step-by-step. You have to build up a team of powerful monsters to finish the quest.

While you’re out on this journey, you can capture any monster that you face in battle, where you can then sell them to traders or train them to fight by your side. Overall there a hundred different monsters roaming the world, each with their own attributes, elements and skills.

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You can also upgrade the skills and magical abilities of your own monsters according to their preferences, allowing you to maximise the team’s strength in every battle.

Meanwhile, you can expect to find many other aspects of role-playing games, especially features commonly found in D&D, within Monster Lord 2: Destiny. This includes interacting with NPCs in the local villages, where you can accept guild quests, purchase items, train monsters and even play gambling on your adventure.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are dungeons too with which you can explore and find hidden treasure along with facing off against powerful hostile monsters.

You will be able to download Monster Lord 2: Destiny from the iOS App Store and the Google Play for Android store later this year on 18th June. It will be available in either English or Chinese, and betas are currently available right now.

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