Tall Story Games is launching the Kickstarter campaign for its ‘90s nostalgia trip Lucy Dreaming today. The game is planned to come to Android devices in the future.

Lucy Dreaming is a retro point & click adventure game inspired by classic genre games from the ‘90s from studios like LucasArts.
You play as Lucy, a young girl with a sharp wit who is suffering from recurring nightmares. You will adventure between her dreams and her reality to explore strange environments and meet colourful characters. You must do whatever you can to untangle her repressed memories and bring an end to the nightmares.

Considering its inspirations, expect a lot of comedy from Lucy Dreaming’s writing, including many easter effs and pop culture references that will hopefully not be too obscure and misplaced from its ‘90s setting.

Lucy Dreaming’s Kickstarter runs from today until 26th May, and Tall Story Games is offering several goodies for backers of the project. This includes the chance to appear in-game as a pixel-art NPC as well as a host of other rewards such as a Deluxe Collector’s Box, a retro USB cassette and hand-drawn concept art.

A short demo lasting up to about an hour is also available on PC and Android, allowing you to get a taste of the game before deciding if you’d want to back it or not.

Lucy Dreaming’s Kickstarter goes live later today, and the full game will be releasing on Android and PC sometime in the future.

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