Netmarble’s famous MMO Lineage 2: Revolution will allow the players to experience numbers of new events and content as the game introduces the new Onmyoji update today. And from today until May 25th, the following update will bring in new in-game activities, event rewards, and event dungeons

Start your exploration in the six brand new regions included in the Yokai Valley. While exploring them, players will encounter powerful bosses from each region. Beating these powerful bosses will net players huge rewards.

A new five-man party Onmyoji Dungeon will also be available which is a bit different from the regular offerings as each dungeon has a different theory and rules behind it. Participate in the Onmyoji Field Hunting and Dungeon Clearing event to collect spirits that can be exchanged in the spirit store to obtain Onmyoji-themed Agathion.

If you have managed to reach higher levels in-game, head to the mechanic's section to activate the Awakening mechanic which allows you to equip the Belt, which significantly enhances the character’s rare skills. In addition, you can equip Studs with Belts for added effectiveness.

Along with the new update and big events, the game will also hold a few other small events which are:

  • 14-Day Check-In: During the event, simply by logging in players can receive rewards. While new and returning players can grab a fully enhanced UR-grade Red Weapon and armour set.
  • The existing players can claim up to 300 LR Crafting Materials Summon Box. 
  • Yokai Race: Participate in a race with other Yokai’s and win exclusive prizes that include an Onmyoji Artifact Summon Box, and an LR Crafting Material Summon Box among other rewards.

Lineage 2: Revolution is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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