Rovio, the famous creators of the arcade game, Angry Birds are now back with a new match-3 puzzle game, Supernatural City: Mystery Match 3. Today, the game has soft-launched in United States, Finland, Sweden, Poland, Canada, The Philippines, Denmark, Spain and Lithuania.

The game takes you on a paranormal adventure where you solve match-3 puzzles to progress through the story. It all revolves around the main character, Ellie Delmar, who has returned to her birthplace, New Gateway, which is a big city full of secrets and mysteries.

The reason Ellie returns to the city is to find her missing father. And, during the search, she discovers many secrets and mysteries which her father left behind and some are connected to the city itself. You'll need to make new friends who will help you solve the mysteries and guide you through the confusing city.

Before the start of the investigation, Ellie gains a superpower that allows her to talk to ghosts and relate to their past. You can use her abilities to unravel the mysteries alongside experiencing the paranormal activities occurring in the city.

During your investigation, you'll search for clues hidden in beautiful places that will help you to advance to your next mission. In the meantime, you'll solve numerous match-3 puzzles to hear the story of both the living and the non-living.

With bright colourful graphics and beautiful music, the game promises an amazing experience of puzzles and paranormal adventure. So, join Ellie and help her find her father while solving puzzles and mysteries related to the town.

Supernatural City is now available to download on Google Play and App Store in the regions mentioned above. It is a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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