PGA Tour 2K21 is one of the only officially licensed games from the PGA Tour available in mobile/portable gaming. It's a simulation-based golf experience with authentic, pro tour vibes. The gameplay follows a similar concept to the original games in the series like The Golf Club or The Golf Club 2. 

Featuring a PGA Tour career mode and real, famous golf courses such as TPC Sawgrass and Riviera Country Club, the series has come a long way. As more things get added, one feature from the very first game still remains. That would be the immensely popular course design feature that opens the door for the game, giving you thousands of golf courses to play on. 

With all of these fresh new and returning things, there is a brand new mode that is absolutely chaotic if you're an online golfer. This mode is called Divot Derby and it is all about speed. The goal is simple in that, you need to get the ball to the hole as fast as possible. Here are a few tips to tee off in this fun, new mode.