Dark Souls Remastered was released on consoles a couple of years ago, bringing a new graphical look to the legendary Dark Fantasy RPG game. The famously difficult game's remastered edition was also released on the Nintendo Switch. This marked the first time that a Souls game was made for a Nintendo console.

It's also a much different experience since being on Switch means that you can play the game portably. It's definitely a cool experience, seeing the kingdom of Lordran on a smaller screen versus a TV. And with the excellent size of the Switch (Handheld Mode) and Switch Lite, everything pops out nicely.

And many gamers who dive into the dark world tend to play through the series in different orders. Some start with Dark Souls III and then hop on DS1 or some might go from Dark Souls II to I and then III (I know, this is getting confusing). And some start with Bloodborne, another game with the Souls UI (although they are entirely different environments and lore). But, if you're hopping into Dark Souls Remastered for the first time on your Switch, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind.

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