Slice Knight is a casual action game from independent developer Connor Thorpe, also know as Pixelrain Studios. It's available now for Android devices and promises to deliver new mechanics and an enjoyable concept to the casual genre.

Slice Knight sees players taking control of the titular knight who possesses a weapon that is constantly swinging around their head as they look to fend off wave upon wave of enemies. These battles take place in dungeons as players search for loot that will help them survive or even give them an additional edge in combat.

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That means alongside cutting down foes players will also be cracking open boxes which can contain weapons to replace the starting sword. This might shuriken stars or even a long-range flamethrower. You can check the array of choices on offer in the embedded trailer above.

In addition to the enemies, there will also be various bombs and obstacles to contend with. These can, however, be used to the player's advantage. By successfully dodging them at the right moment, it could result in the enemies taking a lethal explosion to the face.

Discussing Slice Knight, Connor Thorpe, Owner of Pixelrain Studios said: “I truly felt like the casual genre had become this oversaturated market full of clones and the lack of new and unique concepts was disappointing. I’m sure there are plenty of amazing hidden gems in between them, but we rarely see them touch the surface of these storefronts. So I decided to give it a shot myself.”

Slice Knight is available now over on Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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