Unlock the power of ancient beasts with our LAST CLOUDIA Summons Guide! Summoning Stones can not only aid you in battle as you unleash hell on unwitting foes, but they also provide useful buffs for your party without any MP cost.

To begin, you first have to set a Stone at the Party screen before you start any battle. The very first Summon you’ll get is Igneed, and he’ll lend you his power very early in the Story Mode of the game. After the tutorial on how to set him for battle, you’ll now be able to Summon him when the gauge around the Magic button fills up over time in every match.

Much like Igneed, you can also acquire the Salmea Summoning Stone as part of the Story Mode, only much, much further down the road. Still, if you want to use the other beasts’ unique abilities, you’ll have to seek them out yourself proactively - which is what this LAST CLOUDIA Summons Guide is all about.

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