1v1.LOL is a new Battle Royale experience that is made exclusively for mobile and web browsers. Obviously, with a name like that, you can easily work out that the game focuses on one-on-one play as opposed to the usual 100-player royales that have become the standard. 

The goal is simple, build and shoot your way to victory. The arena is relatively small compared to other BR games, so you can expect some action early on. With other games in the genre having so much more space to work with, it might be a while before anything happens, especially if you're more elusive. 

Here though, you aren't jumping off of a plane or battle bus and landing where you please. Instead, you basically start at one side of the map as you stare down your foe and taunt them about how ugly they look (wow, that's not very nice).  But aside from attacking, one thing that can be critical to success is how you defend and we give you a few basic tips for playing a bit more conservatively.