1v1.LOL: Some tips to help you in this duel shooter

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1v1.LOL: Some tips to help you in this duel shooter

Build and shoot your way to the W.

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1v1.LOL is a shooter for mobile that has been picking up a bit of steam of late. You play in online matches against other players in one kill, one win format. During gameplay, you'll duke it out in an open, digitized area where you can build forts to help you out. 

Sounds familiar, doesn't it? Yes, Fortnite heavily inspires 1v1. LOL and so the gameplay should be quite recognizable to most. And with Fortnite being taken off of the App Store due to legal issues, this alternative has given mobile Fortnite fans a little something to satisfy their hunger. 

Fortnite however, was a 100-player battle royale while LOL is what its name says. It's one-on-one Fortnite style battles. However, you can also play in duo matches as well if you want to team up. The "less, not more" approach is a cool and interesting one no doubt. But here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when playing the game. 

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Choose The Gun That's Right For You

1v1 LOL

This subtitle sounds almost like a commercial and it might as well be, as you'll be offered some preset weapons during games in 1v1. LOL. You can choose between a machine gun or shotgun during rounds and swap between these freely.

One thing about Fortnite was that you had to search for weapons after you dropped down from the Battle Bus (after saying thank you to the bus driver of course). This means that you needed to find something in a hurry before other players found weapons and tried to give you the old heave-ho.

So it could be beneficial, especially for newcomers to the Fortnite combat style to remember that weapons are already available on your person. Between the guns mentioned, feel free to experiment in the handy practice mode that's available and see which one is best. The machine gun shoots fast while the shotgun deals a considerate amount of damage while being slower. Standard gun stuff, really.

Get Comfortable With Playing

As with Fortnite, 1v1. LOL allows you to build things such as forts. You can do it on the fly during your matches and while on the move. Depending on who you're playing against, you may need to be pretty quick in building what you want, as you never know when your opponent will approach you, and the arena is already pretty small as it is.

Once again, feel free to head into practice mode and experiment with building forts. Building while on the run can be great protection from your opponent. And creating higher platforms can be good, giving you nice vantage points when you need them.

As with weapons, you have everything that you need to start building. It's just a matter of practising your creation speed and the like. Building the right defences can give you a nice boost on your way to victory if you just play your cards right. Build and shoot.

Stay Mobile

One thing that can be beneficial but isn't always necessary is shooting on the move. Let's be honest, many of us have likely done this many times in shooting games. It's almost a panicky/anxious movement because you're licking your lips when your target is in sight.

But, sometimes players like to play more steadily, and that's fine, but it kind of just depends on the game. In a game like Call of Duty Mobile, you will see some players stand still in one spot and kill their target that way but it's a tad different here.

Your opponent will likely be elusive, and in Fortnite or PUBG style games, players are always moving. This is just something to keep in mind. As I mentioned, this is something you might be doing already. However, if you feel more comfortable standing still while firing out your (likely) elusive target, then, by all means, do what you feel is comfortable.

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