With the start of a new year comes a new season in thatgamecompany's popular adventure game Sky: Children of the Light. It's called the Season of Dreams and will see the community coming together to help uplift a local young performer.

It promises to be an emotional season that follows a young skater as they pursue their dream of performing for the kingdom's coliseum. During the season, two areas of the Valley of Triumph will be expanded too.

The story will start in one of the Valley's villages before taking players through multiple training courses that stand between the skater and their final performance. Here players will be able to explore the Village of Dreams and Hermit Valley where they'll also be able to skate with their friends.

Players will also meet with the Season Guide and Four Retired Mentors who will give them a variety of tests to complete that will see players trying to land various performance skills. In addition to these tasks, there will also be four new expressions to unlock in the latest season – Showdance, Peek, Spin Trick and Bear Hug.

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In addition to that, players will also be to get four new masks, four new capes, one new hairstyle, two new headwear, two new pants, one new musical instrument, two new music sheets, and a season pendant. There will also be Tier 2 Heart Capes and New Memories to explore.

Finally, ancestors of the previous seasons will continue to appear in the kingdom. This means players can still unlock items alongside making new friends and discoveries from prior seasons. 

Sky: Children of the Light is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. It's a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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