Lo-Fi Room, a chill hidden object & rhythm game, will launch with a Beatmaking Mode included, developer Bearmask has revealed exclusively to Pocket Gamer. 

I don't know about you, but I definitely noticed, and subscribed to, the uptick in 'Lo-Fi' study music which has appeared on YouTube over the last few years. You might know what I mean - simple, multi-instrument beats playing along indefinitely, normally accompanying a static image of somebody studying. If you've enjoyed, or even just listened to, these over the years then you've probably got a decent understanding of at least half of Lo-Fi Room.

If you're still not sure, then you should definitely check out the trailer below - with the volume turned up, ideally.

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In it you'll start by locating instruments hidden around a scene. As you find them they'll each start playing through a set track - so as you find more and more the layers of the music becomes more complex. Once everything is located you then create a short, simple rhythm game where you match the beats with touchscreen (or keyboard) input. It's an incredibly simple and satisfying loop, and I was lucky enough to play a fair bit of it (which you too can do, online) earlier in the year.

It's a game that I'm really looking forward to, however, we're not likely to see it fully until next year. However, for now, we do have a little tidbit of information that we can share about the ongoing development... namely that there will be Beatmaking mode included with the game when it does launch. 

Better yet, that online demo that I mentioned earlier will be updated to feature it from tomorrow (Friday 13th) onward - so now you've definitely got a reason to give it a quick spin online.

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