Some gameplay for Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead has been revealed in a video in collaboration between Headup and Canadian YouTuber Kenny “Drae”.

Drae’s video in question, which you can watch in its entirety below, showcases a few of the levels seen in the game and details how exactly Headup has adapted the Bridge Constructor formula to work in a post-apocalyptic zombie setting. Although the footage is taken from the PC version, you should expect it to work exactly the same on iOS and Android.

The Bridge Constructor series is all about creating a bridge between two points using a limited number of parts to make the structure sturdy and resistant to the vehicles you need to transport across it. This has been the key component of the series ever since its original release back in 2011, and new entries to the series have tried to keep that core experience while also going for weird new themes, such as a medieval themed game in 2013 and even one based on Valve’s Portal series a few years ago. Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead is the latest in this line of fun crossovers.

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In particular, this one looks like you’ll also have to deal with the encroaching zombie hordes that are chasing your vehicles as they cross the bridge, adding extra pressure to its supports and ensuring you can’t slow down too much should they catch up to you. There’s a brilliant moment in Drae’s video where he manages to get across to the other side just in time as the entire bridge collapses, sending the chasing hordes plummeting to their deaths.

The game features iconic characters from AMC’s The Walking Dead television show like Daryl, Michonne and Eugene, and there are also levels involving creating bridges and structures for these characters to help them destroy groups of zombies in small, self-contained levels.

There’s no word yet on when Bridge Constructor: The Walking Dead will be released but as always we’ll update you when more is revealed. For now, you can keep up with the game’s development on the official website.

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