World Golf Tour (WGT) is one of the more realistic golf games out there on any platform. That's not a promotion either, the way they use satellite images of real-world courses and implement them into the game is always remarkable. And this has been a signature aspect of the game for a long time now. 

The game has been out since 2008 and has remained a staple among golf games on PC and mobile. Some of the courses the game features include legendary real-world courses like the Old Course at St. Andrews, Pebble Beach, and Merion. 

Gameplay is realistic in WGT while also featuring fun little quirks (such golf ball effects after you hit shots). It's a game that is really suited for folks who are really into the sport of golf. That said, it offers enough simplicity to be fun for the non-golf gamer too. Here are a few ways you can approach the game style-wise.