Sneaky Sasquatch as we know features a big interconnected world that you can explore. Its signature element is the ability to snatch the food of campers at the park. But you need to take caution when doing so because if the campers see you, then they'll freak out.

This will then alert the rangers and send you on the other end of a goose chase. If caught, then they send you back home. Once you purchase certain apparel such as camper gear or golf attire, other people won't notice that you're beast although you're friendly. The rangers will know though.

Each food item you grab refills one slice of the pie chart which operates as a health bar. However, with the slew of updates since the game's launch on Apple Arcade, several new food items have been added that give you a greater boost. These will fill your whole chart in one bite. We tell you what a few of those items are if you're new to the Sneaky Sasquatch experience.

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