Bleak Sword is, to simply put; one of the very best games on the Apple Arcade. Created by the guys over at Devolver Digital (creators of the current mega-hit, Fall Guys), it is a bloody, 8-bit adventure set in a dark fantasy world where you're a warrior with a powerful sword.

The game takes inspiration from the iconic Dark Souls series in some ways. Its locations, combat style, challenge, and terrific music give it a solid Souls-feeling while still being its own, unique game. You go through multiple levels in different locations, taking out a number of enemies.

It has the look of a game that you might've played in the '80s or 90s but is so incredibly modern with smooth, fluid movements, dynamic weather, and excellent audio. If you're a fan of dark fantasy experiences, then here are a few reasons why you should give Bleak Sword a try.