Those of us left hankering for some Nintendo magic since Animal Crossing: New Horizons in March (sorry 51 Worldwide Games, but you weren't it) were in luck in July. Paper Mario: The Origami King landed.

We're still working on our review for Nintendo's latest. Having received our code a little late in the day, we figured we might as well take our time with it. But we're happy to say that there's nothing quite like a first party Nintendo release to lift your spirits.

Elsewhere in July we received a bunch of brilliant indie titles, with plenty of games that took classic 8-bit and 16-bit worlds and injected them with modern embellishments.

We also received some stellar ports, and a notable console debut from one of our favourite mobile developers. Side observation: aren't there a lot of games starting with the letter 'C' this month?

Have you been playing anything else on your Switch in July - beginning with 'C' or otherwise? Let us know in the comments below.