During today's Day of the Devs stream, the latest game from Monument Valley and Assemble With Care developer ustwo was announced. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure is its name, and it's heading to iOS, MacOS, tvOS, PC, and console this winter.

It's said to have been inspired by the team's love of nature and fond memories of childhood summers spent in the Mediterranean.

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The core team at ustwo now consists of 25 developers, though Alba is still seen as a deeply personal story. And while gameplay details are still incredibly light, we do have a brief teaser trailer that gives us an idea of the game's premise and visuals.

We've been big fans of ustwo's previous work, with PG alum Harry Slater awarding Monument Valley 2 a massive Platinum Rating, calling the game "a breathtaking piece of work that really needs to be played to be fully understood."

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Back in June, Assemble With Care received a major content drop that added a fairly extensive epilogue. Other updates for the charming puzzler are also in the works, though no solid details have yet been shared.

I'm definitely interested to see how Alba plays. Based on the trailer alone, it seems like ustwo is making the jump to 3D environments, though that's purely speculation at this stage.

With it planned for a winter release, we don't have too great a wait on our hands to find out what it's all about. With Assemble With Care being an Apple Arcade title, I do wonder whether Alba follow in its footsteps. It perhaps seems unlikely given Apple's recent change in strategy to prioritise development of games with naturally longer tails, such as Grindstone.

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