Real Boxing 2 may possibly be the best boxing game on mobile right now. For many gamers, a new boxing game has been on their menu of cravings for console and PC. Well, for mobile gamers, RB 2 seems to scratch the itch for fans of one of the world's oldest sports.

You'll create your fighter and take to the ring to prove your worth. And although it is a combat sports game, it does have a feeling of strategy to it also. You need to make some quick decisions on the fly in your matches and it's a fun way to determine what kind of fighter you want to be.

And the game is packed with content, including a campaign mode with "Story Fights" and "Legendary Fights" among other things. You can also play in some training mini-games too. There is plenty to satisfy the needs of the boxing fan, and it's right on your iPhone or Android. We give you some tips to help you be the only man left standing in the ring.

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