Dragon Quest Tact now has a firm release date in Japan – next Thursday, July 16th (thanks, Gematsu). Square Enix's tactical RPG sees you leading a small team of monsters around a series of grid-based maps while testing out new strategies and gradually levelling up.

It sounds fairly straightforward, all told, with an auto-battle mode being available to those looking for a more hands-off experience. When you do opt to take charge, you'll have to consider your fighters' range and various skills in order to claim victory.

Over time, you'll build up your roster of monsters and work to train them for the tougher fights ahead. Outside of the main story mode, there's also something called the 'Battle Road', which sounds like an endless tournament-style challenge.

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As we pointed out in our initial coverage from back in February, developer Aiming Inc was also behind RPGs Logres of Swords and Sorcery, Caravan Stories, and Lord of Knights. Dragon Quest creator Yuji Horii is on board as the game's director.

It looks like a fairly standard mobile RPG, with really nothing beyond the IP making it stand out. That said, folks do love a bit of Dragon Quest, and that may well be enough to turn Tact into a decent-sized hit.

If the Japanese launch proves to be a success, it'd be nice to see it head westward at a later date. For now, all we can do is look over the game's App Store and Google Play pages to see what we're missing.

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