Over on our business-to-business, Steel Media Network counterpart Pocketgamer.biz, our parent company has just put out an important statement in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. While this was a statement specifically issued among that side of the business, I feel that this is a message that we should also echo across our consumer-facing websites, specifically Pocket Gamer itself.

I know that there are those of you out there who do not feel that this should be the kind of content which populates hobby-centric outlets, and we've certainly been called out previously when discussing matters like Brexit, Austerity and Electoral Parties; but the fact of the matter is that everything in life is political, especially hobbies like video games. For many in younger generations, the recent killing of George Floyd polarises and underlines a divide which runs deep through politics, daily life and society as a whole - many others already knew this was a problem. Things need to change.

Head over to read the statement from Steel Media Ltd in support of Black Lives Matter. You'll find some of the actions that we, as a company, are taking going forward - it's a positive start. You can also read PocketGamer.biz' compiled list of useful resources if you want to find out more about how the games industry is showing support and how you can help.

Stay safe, keep questioning things, and maybe play a game or two.