Lovecraftian comedy-horror game The Innsmouth Case now has a firm release date for iOS and Android. Assemble Entertainment and developer Robot Pumpkin Games' latest will hit the shores of mobile on June 23rd – just under a month away.

You'll take on the role of a not-so-hot detective hired to look into the disappearance of a one Tabitha Marsh. Your investigation will lead you to the creepy town of Innsmouth, where you'll have to deal with the locals and gradually uncover what on earth's going on.

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It brings the town into the 21st century, offering a fresh take on a well-known horror setting. Your decisions made throughout will ultimately decide the narrative's twists and turns, with a whopping 27 possible endings in total. Most of these are likely varying types of failure state, but still, that's a lot.

In recent times, it's felt like we're often drowning in Lovecraftian games, many of which have been of extremely dubious quality, but a tongue-in-cheek visual novel such as The Innsmouth Case is at least a little different. Here's to hoping it can do justice to its source material and avoid being tedious (Call of Cthulhu) or buggy in the extreme (The Sinking City).

Both the iOS and Android versions will be priced at $5.49 or your regional equivalent, while it'll set you back $12.49 on Steam. Look for the Innsmouth case on the App Store and Google Play come June 23rd.

You'll find more info over on Assemble Entertainment's Discord and Facebook page. If the name sounds familiar, that's perhaps because it also published the mobile versions of Leisure Suit Larry - Wet Dreams Don't Dry, which received a "Happy Ending" epilogue not too long ago. 

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