Several games available on Apple Arcade have received updates this week. The likes of Butter Royale, Patterned, Spaceland, tint. and Murder Mystery Machine have all received a variety of new content.

Murder Mystery Machine

Blazing Griffin's episodic murder mystery has received a new episode titled The Sinews of the Heart. It marks the fourth chapter in the ongoing series and will continue the story established in the previous episodes. You can check out a teaser trailer of what to expect in the video below.

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Butter Royale

Mighty Bear Games' battle royale title is beginning a whole new season. This will add a plethora of characters, flags, trails, and melee weapons for players to unlock. Beyond that, players will now be able to complete daily and weekly quests to earn experience, Season Tokens and Tickets which can be spent on other items. Finally, they've introduced a new sharing feature so you can quickly upload your victories to YouTube and other platforms.

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BorderLeap's pattern matching puzzler has added a new feature that allows players to tackle puzzles with their friends. This will be a turn-based endeavour with each person finding a match before their friend searches for another. Several new puzzles have also found their way into the game.


Tortuga Team's sci-fi strategy game has received a fairly big update, introducing eight new single-player missions from the Mercenaries Guild. It also adds multiplayer for the first time, allowing people to play with their friends in two online modes, Soldiers vs. Soldiers and Soldiers vs. Monsters.

Soldiers vs. Soldiers will test who has the best tactical nous between two buddies whilst Soldiers vs. Monsters will be a co-op experience where players will team up to see how long they can hold off the monster hordes.

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Lykke Studios have added 29 levels to their colouring mixing puzzler. This brings the total number of them to solve up to 250.

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All of the above games are available now on Apple Arcade, a subscription service that costs $4.99 per month. For more information on other games that are available in its extensive library, check out our dedicated hub page.

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