Sneaky Sasquatch has received its first big update since its launch and it gives you access to a whole new section of the open world created by RAC7 Games. You still can have fun with the other activities but there are some added things to do and places to explore. There are also a ton of new items to boot. 

But just to give you a background on the updated story, the big mean corporate man who you (Sasquatch) stopped from turning the park into condos, wants a little revenge on our friend Sasquatch. This new area of the game houses Mr. Pemberton's (corporate dude) large office building.

Apparently, he has some secret plans aimed towards Sasquatch, and it up to you to stop him from making these plans a reality. You need to get a job at the building and try to gain Pemberton's trust. Once you do, you'll be able to snatch the plans and see what it's all about.

But, for this story, we'll just talk to you about some of the leisure things you can do while you enjoy the new update. As mentioned, there are a decent amount of things to do, so definitely take advantage.

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