Reflex Unit 2 is an action game from Robosaru Games where you'll act as a commander who has control over a variety of futuristic mechs that have been deployed to quell a deadly robotic invasion. It's available now for both iOS and Android.

The game is played from a fairly unique perspective that gives the impression you're looking down on a small diorama. This gives the feeling that you're truly a commander overseeing a war room which is further enhanced in the VR version of the game.

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Whichever version you choose to play, the various multiplayer modes will have cross-play, so you'll be able to face off against both VR and non-VR users. Whether that's in the deathmatch style Versus Mode or battling it out in the 4-player battle royale Survival Mode.

If you're not particularly into competitive multiplayer but still enjoy playing with your friends, there's also a co-op campaign too. Meanwhile, if you prefer to tackle games solo, there's a single player campaign that takes place over 9 different stages with extra difficulty options available once you've beaten it on normal.

There's plenty of content to keep you entertained then, not just in-game modes but within the various game types themselves. There are multiple mech types to unlock with some being small enough to slip through gaps larger ones simply cannot.

Naturally, with such a wide variety of mechs on offer, you'll also be able to equip them with a plethora of different weapons. This might be homing missiles or plasma grenades if you're in a particularly aggressive mood. Alternatively, if you're a more passive player then you might opt to play defensively, making use of shields and invisibility cloaks if you'd prefer a more stealth-oriented approach.

Reflex Unit 2 is available now over on the App Store and Google Play. There is a premium option available that costs $4.99 and a free-to-play version with ads.

Relfex Unit 2 - Free Version (iOS):

Relfex Unit 2 - Free Version (Android):

Relfex Unit 2 - Premium Version (iOS):

Relfex Unit 2 - Premium Version (Android):


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