RPGs on the scale of Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate don't come along often enough on mobile. It tells the epic tale of Odette, a young woman spearheading a large-scale revolution against the tyrannical General Kaine. Odette is no ordinary hero, though, she's the Crystal Breaker, a being perhaps powerful enough to stop the impending arrival of the world-crushing Leviathan.

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No matter how strong you are, this is a task best handled by a team. And so you'll spend your time exploring the world of Horizon, taking back its fallen territories, and saving heroes who can then aid your cause. Your companions could also be online players, as Crystalborne allows you to easily partner with friends to take on its many challenges.

While Odette's coming-of-age tale is clearly a large focus here, the game certainly doesn't ignore its core gameplay. Crystalborne's turn-based combat is fast, flashy, and strategically demanding. As the legendary Crystal Breaker, you'll have a number of impressive powers and abilities at your disposal with which to crush your opponents, but the real fun comes from working with your companions to create new strategies.

The game's world is vast and visually stunning, offering plenty of environments to explore and become immersed in. It would be easy to spend dozens of hours meeting its many memorable characters and working through its epic narrative.

RPG fans will find much to love in Machine Zone's Crystalborne: Heroes of Fate. It's available for download now as a free-to-play for both iOS and Android.