Magic: Manastrike is Netmarble's upcoming card battler that sees the world of Magic: The Gathering collide with Clash of Clans style gameplay. It is now available to pre-order for both iOS and Android.

The game is being handled by Netmarble Monster and is working its way towards a global launch. Though there's currently no release date in sight. However, if you live in certain countries such as Canada you've been able to play it for quite some time, at least on iOS.

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If you do opt to pre-register for the game, Netmarble is also offering several bonuses to those who do so. These will be a mix of Gold and Gems – which are in-game and premium currency respectively – player icons and emojis. This will be awarded to the player once they've completed the tutorial.

Netmarble has recently released a video with representatives from both themselves and Wizards of the Coast to discuss their upcoming collaboration. They talk about how the game came to be, the development process and several key features of the game. If you're interested in that kind of chat you can check out the video above.

As mentioned earlier, the gameplay is very much in the mould of Clash of Clans style games but played from left to right instead of the more common top to bottom. There are two lanes you'll send various units down to try and fell your opponent's towers before destroying their main base.

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To have a little more influence over the events in the lanes there will also be several spells you'll be able to use including fan favourites such as Chandra Nalaar. It's nothing too unexpected at the moment but if you like both Magic: The Gathering and mobile MOBAs it definitely seems to be quite a polished take on the genre from what we've so seen far.

Magic: Manastrike is available to pre-order now over on Google Play. Alternatively, if you're an iOS user you can pre-register over on the game's official site. It will be a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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