2019 once again saw the debate around game difficulty raging. Slowly but surely, we're seeing more developers open their hard-as-nails titles up to a wider audience, which has left a number of grown men upset for some reason.

If you're the sort to have taken umbrage at, say, Celeste's customisable difficulty, just know there have been a number of games this year that may cause even you, the most impressive of specimens, to throw in the towel and quietly lower the difficulty. There's no shame in it.

Shooters are my nemesis. Puzzlers, too. Oh, and fighters. Scratch that, I'm definitely worst at platformers. What I'm saying is that you can 100% trust in my judgement throughout this list. 

And so now we come to the ranking of the games. The top 5 hardest of 2019, to be exact. Let's go!

Spicy Piggy

Mitrome's Spicy Piggy, according to Ex-Ed Harry, will most appeal to "anyone who wants a game that's basically going to hit you in the face over and over again with a spade". Honestly, his review is full of great warnings, including "it punishes any attempt at frivolity with cruelty" and "Spicy Piggy isn't just content to let you fail, it wants you to suffer".

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The result of all this nastiness is a game that makes you grateful for the slightest moments of success, which it then instantly follows up with a kick to the crotch. If you didn't know, it's a platformer that demands precise timings and expert use of the three powers at your disposal: jump, slide, and fireball.

The way it so smartly builds on its simple mechanics is what makes it a great game, but I'm not here to judge quality, I'm here to tell you how much it'll make you cuss in public.

Basically, Spicy Piggy is fast, stressful, aggressive, nasty, and incredibly punishing – but I wouldn't have it any other way.

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