Black Clover Phantom Knights, aside from being quite the mouthful to say, is an upcoming strategic RPG that’s based on the manga and anime series. It’s available for pre-register now on both iOS and Android ahead of its release in 2020, which the App Store suggests might be 30th January, though it hasn't been officially announced.

In Black Clover Phantom Knights, you’ll set about making your own Magic Knights Brigade, assembling a team made from characters that have appeared in the show. So, you can expect the likes of Asta, Noelle and Yami to all be options for your squad. You’ll also meet Jien, who is a new character created to appear in the game’s original story.

Undoubtedly, as this is a free-to-play game, most characters will be obtained through gacha methods and there will be various items to gather so that you can power them up even further. Based on various screenshots it appears to follow the now-common set up for these team building games where you’ll place your characters in optimal places within a chosen formation.

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Each character will have access to a variety of flamboyant attacks with the option to turn on an auto-mode for folks who want to have a more hands-off approach. I’d imagine that the standard attacks are all mostly automated anyway, whilst your input will be selecting the target and when to activate the more powerful abilities within your arsenal.

Being a relatively new entry in the world of manga and anime this is the first mobile game based on Black Clover with the first game overall being released on PS4 in 2018. The main character, Asta, has also appeared as a playable character in Jump Force.

Black Phantom Clover Knights will be heading to the App Store and Google Play at some stage in 2020 with the store listings currently saying it’s expected January 30th. It’s a free-to-play game with in-app purchases.

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