Revolution's Beyond a Steel Sky has been delayed into early 2020, the beloved Broken Sword developer announced earlier today over on its official site. The adventure game was originally slated to launch in late 2019 for Apple Arcade.

You may or may not have heard of the original Beyond a Steel Sky. It's considered something of a classic nowadays, though it's arguably been somewhat overshadowed by the studio's later Broken Sword series. Thankfully, Revolution saw fit to revive the dystopian land of Union City and character of Robert Foster with this visually impressive follow-up.

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Dave interviewed Charles Cecil, CEO of Revolution, earlier this year at Gamescom, covering everything from the history of the original game to Revolution's use of Unreal 4 and successful partnership with Apple.

Wisely, the team has approached Beyond a Steel Sky as a sort of soft-reboot. "We're very keen to bring forward the spirit," said Cecil at the time. "But we assume, absolutely, that nobody would have played the [original] game, or would know anything about it, but can enjoy this. That's really, really important."

It's set in the same universe as the cult classic original, with the same lead character and sense of humour. Despite these similarities, the gameplay here is totally different, going from being a point-and-click side-scroller to a fully 3D adventure game.

It's still easily one of my most anticipated Apple Arcade titles, and the delay itself is fairly minor, with the current estimate being that the game will launch "a few months later" than expected. Harry wrote an interesting piece on what Beyond a Steel Sky has to learn from its predecessor if it wants to be great. I'd recommend giving that one a read while you wait for Revolution's latest to launch (hopefully) early next year.

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