As reported earlier by Mobile Mode Gaming, the highly anticipated mobile version of Eve Echoes is now available in beta after extensive alpha testing earlier this year. It's only available in the following places at the moment though – USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea.

This mobile take on the popular Eve Online has been a known entity since around this time last year, so fans have had time to build up some expectations for the game. It's making some pretty big promises and sounds more akin to the original game than some of the other Eve mobile games that have come before it.

It aims to be closer to the PC version of Eve, allowing you to trade with other people to make your fortune or fight them in space battles to try and steal theirs. You'll gain a reputation either way and could become notorious across the galaxy for good or ill. 

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If you're not sure if you want to jump in yet, then you can always check out Cameron's thoughts on the game based on the time he spent with it earlier this year. Since then though they have added a few of the features Cameron mentioned such as a tutorial and other extra pieces of content to tuck into. 

It's also worth noting that if you decide to give the beta a shot your progress won't carry over to the full version of the game. Given the fairly involved nature of Eve then, it's probably best to see the beta as a testing ground for how well you think the experience compares to the PC version rather than making the biggest space empire you can before losing it all when the servers reset.

Eve Echoes is available in open beta in the USA, Canada, Russia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea now through the Apple's Testflight and Google Play.

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