In case you were unaware, it's Black Friday at the moment. That means sales galore and there'll probably be at least one video of a child fighting a man to get a half-price blender. It's definitely not as manic as it used to be though, mostly because you can grab yourself deals from the comfort of your own home, which has always been the case for mobile games.

I've been perusing Google Play, looking for the best deals on quality games and have compiled 10 of them into one article for all our Android readers. Of course, there'll be plenty more games on sale but I'm only going to list those we've deemed worth your time here at Pocket Gamer. Prices may vary depending on your location too. 

Mini Metro: Was £1.09 - Now £0.59

Mini Metro is an excellent little game that sees players trying to make a train network as efficient as possible. Its minimalist art style somewhat disguises that it's a management game but its one you'll find very compelling. It's also got a sequel over on Apple Arcade called Mini Motorways, though that's a bit of a pointless thing to bring upon an Android sales article... We scored the original 4/5. Also, it's worth noting that Mini Metro is available on Google Play Pass. 

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Iron Marines: Was £2.89 – Now £0.69

Iron Marines made its debut back in 2017 where it served as an excellent example that RTS games can work on mobile. It takes a lot of cues from tower defence games and melds them with RTS elements to create a game that's great fun. We scored it 4.5/5.

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Monument Valley: Was £2.99 – Now £1.19

I'm sure most people have played Monument Valley at this point, it's pretty much a quintessential mobile game. If you've not got round to it before though this is a great excuse to do so. It really is a magical little adventure. You can also grab Monument Valley 2 for £1.19 too, a sequel that Harry Slater believes managed to surpass its predecessor. Meanwhile, we scored the original 4.5/5.

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Death Road to Canada: Was £9.99 – Now £0.99

Death Road to Canada probably has the deepest sale on this list going from just under £10 to a penny shy of £1. Set in a zombie-infested world Death Road to Canada sees you journeying on a dangerous road trip, having to periodically stop and loot houses that are full of zombies for much-needed supplies. It's an excellent mix of genres that started life on the PC but the mobile version is stellar too. We scored it 4.5/5.

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Don't Starve: Pocket Edition: Was £3.99 – Now £0.89

Don't Starve is a punishing survival game with a lovely art style and the excellent mobile port is controlled entirely with simple taps. This makes it a similarly good experience to the PC version, which was also received very well. If you're into survival games you can't really go wrong with Don't Starve. We scored it 4.5/5.

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Framed 2: Was £4.99 – Now £0.69

The original Framed is also available for £0.69, so if you've never played either you can pick them both up for less than the normal cost of the first game. The true spirit of Black Friday right there. Anyway, both Framed games are centred around the idea that you have to rearrange comic panels so that the main character can continue his story. It's a simple concept but one that's executed beautifully. We scored Framed 2 4/5. Much like Mini Metro, it's worth remembering both of these games are on Google Play Pass.

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Rusty Lake: Roots: Was £3.99 – Now £0.99

All three of the Rusty Lake games that are available on Google Play are on sale for £0.99 at the moment so you can grab all three if you've been waiting for a good price drop on this series. If you're not familiar, Rusty Lake: Roots is a point and click adventure game that's delightfully weird and dark all at the same time. If you've not experienced one of these games before they're well worth trying. We scored it 4/5.

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Final Fantasy IX: Was £20.49 – Now £11.99

This is definitely one of the more expensive games on this list, but then to be fair, most of these game aren't ports of lengthy JRPGs. Though admittedly it's one of the shorter ones. Regardless, it's a stellar port of the game and they really put the effort into making the controls as touch screen friendly as possible. We scored it 4.5/5.

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Witcheye: Was £2.79 – Now £0.89

Devolver Digital has put in an impressive shift when it comes to publishing on mobile this year, with ports of Gris multiple Apple Arcade games. But it's important to remember they also published one game exclusively for mobile, showing that they believe in the platform. Witcheye is a great platformer where you control your character by swiping to move and tapping to stop, which makes it feel unique among other mobile platformers.

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Grimvalore: Now £1.99

Finally, we have Grimvalore, a 2D action-adventure game that has a stellar combat system. You'll be able to combo together various attacks, jumps and dodge and it all feels excellent. It should provide most people with a solid challenge as well, being fairly punishing for any mistakes you may make. We scored it 4/5. If you're still not entirely sold on the game though, you can always play the first chapter for free. 

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And that's all the games I've found that are worth buying if you've not already played them elsewhere. If you've spotted anything I've missed, do mention them in the comments, you can never have too many game suggestion. Alternatively, If you're looking for Switch, handset and accessory deals, check out continually updated Black Friday hub

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