Following its release on Steam at the end of October, Arte Experience's absolutely gorgeous looking The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature is now available for iOS. It promises to be a different take on that centuries-old tale.

In The Wanderer, you won't play as the monster known for the bolts in the neck and outstretched arms while walking. You'll play as that creature when its more of a blank slate and is currently neither good nor evil.

You'll encounter various frightened mobs through the game and how you react to them will determine what the creature becomes as he travels around Europe trying to learn more about his origins. You'll be able to choose to react with anger, sadness or even fear of your own. These choices will affect more than the creature though, it will also alter how the world looks and sounds.

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Vibrant and colourful watercolour environments will dominate the world when the creature feels positive emotions whilst it will be struck down with a darker palate whenever he has strong negative feelings. This means that there'll be multiple endings to discover which give different perspectives on the creature's story.

The art style is probably what will initially draw people to this game because it's incredibly beautiful. It's designed so that it looks like a painting and that's certainly been achieved based on the trailer, which you can see above. The melancholy piano that's used in the trailer suits it perfectly too so I'm intrigued how this will alter throughout the game depending on the different choices I make.

The Wanderer: Frankenstein's Creature available now on the App Store. It is a premium game that costs $3.99. Both Android and Nintendo Switch versions are expected to be released in the future.

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