Ahead of its scheduled release next Tuesday, the official Football Manager Twitter account has revealed some new info regarding fresh features we can expect to see in the upcoming mobile version.

First off, there are the new Danish and Greek leagues. You'll be able to begin your managerial career in either of these two new nations. And – for the first time ever – Dutch and Portuguese languages are supported.

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The game also includes a revamped system for promoting youth candidates. You can expect to see some improved developmental feedback, and, interestingly, you'll also be able to recruit senior players to mentor your most promising up-and-comers.

You'll now have the option to give your less experienced players some much-needed game time by placing them in your reserve team. This will hopefully allow you to test them out and see whether they're worth keeping around.

The game's news system has also been reworked. It'll now give you a clearer picture of the effects of game events on individual players. Extra response options and happiness types have also been included for you to stress over.

Enmity between clubs is now said to have a much greater impact on other elements of the game, and named derbies aim to spice up the slow build to important matches against dreaded rival teams.

The match view has been expanded to give you a closer look at the 2D action on the pitch. This is combined with additional contextual information to make the match experience 'the slickest in the series so far'.

If that all sounds grand to you, you can pre-order Football Manager 2020 right now over on both the App Store and Google Play. It's a premium game priced at $8.99 or your regional equivalent. 

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