Pewdiepie's latest game is finally available for us all to download, and Pewdiepie's Pixelings is actually, like, not really that bad. I mean sure, a bit sterile and humourless, unless you think a "BDSM? No, ASMR" joke is high tier. Which, I mean, you very well might do. And that's fine too.

Sorry, I have already moaned enough about Pewdiepie's Pixelings in my run down of how authentic the game is to Pewdiepie's brand, and I'm not here to do that today. Instead, I'm just hear to tell you how to level up and progress through the game as fast as possible.

That's the content you wanted, right? Well I'm here to help. Pewdiepie's Pixelings plays out a lot like many other RPG battlers, with a bunch of monsters to collect, and myriad of ways to upgrade them and make them even better.

If you want to play through Pewdiepie's Pixelings and level up and get strong as quickly as possible to make getting three stars on each stage even easier, then this is the guide for you, just read on below…

Quest champion

No, not the stages, but the quests. From your home menu you'll see a check mark in the top right, and this will lead you to your quests, and here you will be able to earn more coins, bux, and more.

Coins will quickly become important, as you can use them to get new characters from the shop, and also upgrade the characters themselves when it comes time to rank them up - the first rank up will cost 1k per character, so best get saving right now.

Of course, all of these quests will also offer experience, so that will help you become strong. It's recommended that, if you're struggling on a tough stage, you should go back to older stages, get three stars on each, and complete some quests.