Sonic The Hedgehog is back, and finally, he doesn't look disgusting. After the production crew promised they would completely change Sonic's design to appease fans, we got a brand new trailer today, and guess what? It's actually pretty good.

Sonic finally looks like himself, and I don't feel violently ill when I see his face. Actually, he's pretty cute and sassy. Sure, I would've preferred one of Sonic's voice actors from the game series, but he's still pretty good and I like him. And I wish dozens of other movies had the same treatment.

We've seen dozens upon dozens of video game movies, many of which may have passed you by entirely thanks to being completely awful. Our own resident video and podcast professional James Gilmour gave us a rundown of the worst video game movies he'd seen and, wow, there's a Tekken movie? There's an Uncharted movie due for release next year? My mind has truly been blown.

You can probably think of a bunch of poor video game movies instantly. DOOM, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Dead or Alive, Silent Hill... But those don't even make it onto this shortlist. Let me take you through the truly offensive, should've-been-better video game adaptations.

Side note: I know Dragon Ball isn't a video game but Dragon Ball Evolution is one of the worst movie adaptations ever and I felt it needed a special mention. I'm still mad.

Super Mario Bros. Movie

This is a good one to start things off with. One of the original video game movie disasters, Super Mario Bros. Movie is something that is entirely baffling, confusing and enthralling all the same.

Yoshi is a tiny dinosaur. Like, photorealistic. Bowser, or King Koopa, is just some weird slimy Dennis Hopper with blonde cornrows or something. It's really strange.

Then there's the grotesque obsession with mushrooms, the absurd looking Goomba soldiers… Heck, the only thing that resembles Super Mario here is the Bob-Omb that explodes late in the movie. But it's an essential watch, all the same.