As reported by TouchArcade earlier today, a potential release date for Pascal's Wager has emerged on the App Store. The souls-like ARPG looks set to arrive for iOS devices on 16th January and I'm personally very excited about that.

Pascal's Wager has been a known entity for a little while now with trailers dating back as far as June 2018 and it's fair to say a few people have gotten quite excited about it since – including me. Everything about the gameplay and aesthetic screams souls-like and as someone who has put more hours into those games than is reasonable, I'm always excited to try a new one.

It also promises a 20+ hour campaign on launch that'll focus as much on the narrative as the core gameplay itself. There are also a few plans for Pascal's Wager after it's been released too. PVP and PVE multiplayer modes will also be added to the game alongside story DLC.

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Of course, the main concern remains how well this type of game will work on a touchscreen. There's been a few games recently released that are leaning towards the souls-like style of gameplay which people are enjoying, such as Apple Arcade's Bleak Sword. Fortunately, the game will launch with controller support, so even if the touch controls aren't up to scratch, there's always that option. Even if it's not ideal for travelling.

After the game had a stage demo at an Apple event earlier this year, Android folks were left unsure as to whether or not it would make its way to their platform of choice. However, if you go to the official site for the game, it does appear that an Android version is still on the cards.

Pascal's Wager looks to be set for a release on 16th January and you can pre-order now on the App Store. Meanwhile, we've been told to stay tuned for details on the Android. Pascal's Wager will be a premium game that costs £6.99.

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