In Grobo, Hot Cholate Games' newly released puzzle platformer, you play as a lonely and lovable robot. The game takes place in the deserted city of Megatropolis, which is lovingly rendered with impressive hand-drawn visuals.

Gameplay makes full use of Grobo's ability to manipulate gravity. On your journey, you'll use these skills to traverse the environment and solve numerous mind-bending puzzles. But beware of the many traps and hazards dotted throughout the stages – nobody wants to see Grobo reduced to a pile of spare parts.

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At launch, there are 48 levels to tackle that will 'challenge the way you think about gravity'. Unlike many mobile platformers, this one actually focuses quite a bit on weaving a compelling yarn full of mystery and emotional moments. To progress and unlock new stages, you're going to have to achieve 4-star ranks and collect Grobo's lost memories.

The whole thing plays out in portrait mode using what appear to be straightforward, easy-to-learn controls. The game also boasts a memorable chipwave soundtrack from Where Shadows Slumber composer PHÖZ. You can give some of their stuff a listen right here.

If you're in the market for a quality puzzle platformer, Grobo seems like one worth checking out. It's a premium app priced at £3.99 on the App Store and £3.79 on Google Play. And for more info on the game, be sure to check out the developer's official Twitter account and site

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