Ubisoft Montpellier and Pastagames’ Rayman Mini is now playable for those running the iOS 13 beta. A new trailer dropped yesterday to celebrate the launch, though it must be said that general info on the game is still a little light.

If I were to hazard a guess, I’d assume that Mini is in fact another runner as opposed to a more traditional platformer. Why have I come to this conclusion? Well, for starters, the gameplay certainly looks faster than I remember from Origins and Legends, and Rayman himself doesn’t stop or slow down once during the entirety of the trailer.

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And this obviously wouldn’t be the first Rayman runner game on mobile, with 2012’s Rayman Jungle Run, 2013’s Rayman Fiesta Run, and 2015’s Rayman Adventures having released years earlier. The major difference is that Rayman Mini is a premium title, lacking the IAPs and ads of Ubisoft’s previous mobile offerings.

According to a press release made available to Eurogamer, Mini will feature 48 levels at launch. You can expect the series’ regular boss fights, unlockable costumes, and alternate characters – including Rayman, Barbara, and Globox. Eurogamer also notes that Mini offers cross-progression support for all iOS devices.

If you were to put a screenshot of Rayman Legends next to one of Rayman Mini, I probably couldn’t tell you which is which. Which is basically to say that Rayman Mini looks terrific, still boasting its big brother’s detailed environments, vivid colours, and flowing animations.

This one’s actually available now if you’re part of the iOS 13 beta and opt to sign up for a free trial of Apple Arcade. Even if turns out to be more of the same, I’m always on board for a quality Rayman game.

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