Grobo is a platformer that follows the titular robot who possess the ability to bend gravity to its whim. It's set to release on Android devices on 10th October for $3.99.

The game is set in a post-apocalyptic world where Grobo will be accompanied by 5 other people that managed to survive the impending doom by hiding in a virtual world. Your aim is to help these people escape and you'll uncover secrets about the world as you try to find away.

Megatropolis – the world in which the game is set – will be home to 48 levels that are filled with various traps, lasers and gravity-shifting debris. You'll have to make your way through them using your ability to manipulate gravity.

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Based on the trailer it seems that means you can change the direction in which gravity is pulling on the stage. This allows you to change where you're standing and effectively walk on walls. You can also use it to move various boxes to help you reach higher places. No doubt as you get to the later levels it will be used in more mind-boggling ways as it introduces more traps to contend with.

Each level will also have collectables that take the form of memories from the minds of those who were lost in the apocalypse. Gathering all of these whilst completing the level will net you the maximum 4 stars on offer, so there's plenty of perfecting to be done for completionists.

The presentation of the game is delightful. All of the levels are hand-drawn and they have this quasi-painting look to them. The music also sounds excellent, being a blend of haunting choral voices with 8-bit sensibilities layered in too. If it's all the same standard as the track in the trailer it'll be an excellent soundtrack.

Grobo will be available on the App Store and Google Play on 10th October. It will be a premium game that will cost $3.99.

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