To celebrate the recent launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+, Candy Crush Friends Saga has partnered with Samsung to put together an AR mode exclusively available to Samsung users. The new mode sees players interacting with Hungry Yeti, ‘an enormously strong, lovable lunkhead’.

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Last week, the official Candy Crush YouTube channel put out a video of Lisa and Jisoo from the ultra-popular K-pop band BLACKPINK showing off the mode. It seems simple enough, with a focus on feeding the Yeti cookies for rewards. Note 10 and 10+ users can also shake their S-Pen to trigger a dance from Yeti.

In order to play the new mode, you’ll have to be at least level 25 and be playing on a fairly recent Samsung device. You’ll also need to collect 3 cookies in order to feed Yeti, and once fed, you’ll have a 1-hour wait on your hands before Yeti gets hungry again. Cookies can be collected by completing levels, and remember that dunked cookies still count as collected even if you lose the level.

Lisa and Jisoo sound like they enjoy a bit of Candy Crush when out and about on tour, with Jisoo saying “Candy Crush Friends Saga has the cutest characters, and we’ve always loved Yeti.” If you fancy checking out the Hungry Yeti mode, you’ll find Candy Crush Friends Saga available for download now over on Google Play.

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