Everywhere you go, always take the football with you. That is the ethos of Rumble Stars Soccer, or Rumble Stars Football depending on your region. I have to mention both, just for the SEO safety, you know how it is.

Football is a great game, especially when you can play it indoors, in bite size chunks, without having to arrange people to play with you. I mean, it is really hot outside right now, I'd rather just tap on my phone screen to play my footie, thanks.

Thus, we have Rumble Stars, the game which throws and flings animals on to the pitch to play for your amusement, and with even more characters and updates coming to the game super soon, we decided to put together a list of some of the most important rumblers you can use early on in the game.

We'll start by giving you the tips you need to know about the rumblers you want in your team and the kind of difference they make, and then go on to list the four best rumblers you can use in the early game. There will be even more rumblers available in the near future though, and there are some powerful ones available later in the game, so this is hardly a definitive list.

The main goal

So, what does a rumbler need to be truly useful to your team?

In our opinion, the most important factor is targeting the ball. Some rumblers will attack enemy rumblers, which is good in select situations, but the goal of the game is getting the ball in the goal, so if all of your rumblers on the pitch are targeting enemies, well, it won't end well.

Get rumblers which target the ball, preferably ones which will actually feed that ball into the goal given half the chance. Other rumblers will be very situational, and not as universally useful as those which target the ball directly.

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