Jewels Pharaoh is a relaxing, accessible match-3 puzzler that aims to dazzle with its striking Egyptian theme and aesthetic. You play as a particularly ambitious individual who aims to climb the ancient Egyptian political ladder to become the richest Pharaoh in history.

You’ll start your adventure as an amateur jewel hunter, scrounging around for whatever trinkets you can find. Before long, you’ll gather new powers and magic items, such as magical butterflies and the ultimate rainbow jewel, that will aid you in your epic quest.

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It aims to be a relaxing experience that anyone and everyone can get into and enjoy. Starting out is easy enough, but becoming the Pharaoh is a whole different story. No need to worry, though: By the time things get a little more challenging, you’ll already have been eased into the experience and know your way around the exciting powers and special jewels.

Jewels Pharaoh really aims to set itself apart with its vivid colours and Egyptian theme. The jewel and power effects all look and feel incredibly satisfying; it’s just on another level in terms of presentation.

You’ll have tons of stages to test your skills on and complete, and there are also collectable frozen sapphires to find and Persian cats to set free along the way. All of this makes the game much more replayable. It can also be played entirely offline, with no Wi-Fi connection necessary, so you can take it anywhere with you.

If you’re looking for a standout match-3 puzzler, Jewels Pharaoh is now available globally on both the App Store and Google Play.