Rumble Star Football is an exciting way to play bitesize football action on your phone, one where a bit of luck and a lot of strategy combine so you can make exciting plays.

In this guide we’ll be going over the basic types of characters in the game and how to use them. We will give you some basic strategies for the early Rumblers you unlock, and you will quickly see how they influence your game plan going forward.

Use these Rumblers intelligently and you’ll definitely be able to take down online opponents quickly and easily. Read on for the essential info on how to use Rumblers and how to build your team.

Stay on the bench

Rumble Stars Soccer Football

There’s a whole bunch of different Rumblers to play football as in this game, and as such, it might be difficult to select which is best for you. But worry not my friend, as we’re going to run you through what you need to know.

The best way to get to know a Rumbler, besides looking at their profile, is by using them of course. Some, like Sniper Wolf, move fairly slowly, while others, like Froggy and Lazy Panda, don’t really move much at all.

These characters are great strikers though, and so paired with a Rumbler like Loyal Dog who only passes the ball to other players, they can be incredibly useful.

The harder a striker shoots a ball, the slowly they move, usually. That’s why the fairly speedy Striker Tiger moves well, but his shooting skills are more about quantity than quality.

But Striker Tiger and the other Rumblers are great when they work as a team, and all characters have their important uses, even if they’re not obvious at first. The least obvious characters are the assists, like Magnetman and Mr. Fire.

As you play you’ll find which characters suit you best, and which characters you use the least. Bench these Rumblers and swap them out for more useful ones when the time comes.

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