There are plenty of football clubs out there with a storied history - PGKicks isn't one of them, but it does have something going for it; namely that anyone can join. That's because PGKicks is the Pocket Gamer club in the really rather awesome Rumble Stars Soccer, which has just come out for iOS and Android.

What is the game? Well, it's like a mash-up of Clash Royale and foozball with some other bonkers ideas thrown in for good measure. It's got frogs that use their tongues to score, angry crocodiles, and a cannon called Mr Cannon. Basically it's right up our street, and we think it might be up yours as well.

We've already reviewed the game, and you can check that out by clicking here. It got a Silver Award, and our handsome reviewer said "even if you don't like soccer (or football), there's a very good chance you'll love the frantic action in Rumble Stars Soccer." I'm pretty sure he knows what he's talking about as well.

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So how can you join our club? Well it's pretty simple. All you have to do is swipe across to the club menu in the game, and then search for PGKicks. There's no trophy limit to join, and everyone who's in there already is lovely and kind and probably won't shout at you if you're not very good.

Joining a club is a great way to get extra rewards, swap the cards you don't need with other players, and play friendly matches to test your skills. We'd love it if you came and joined us, but if you've got your own club you'd like people to join, feel free to let people know about it in the comments section.

If you've not already downloaded Rumble Stars Soccer you can click here to pick it up for iOS, or click here to grab it for Android. We'll see you on the pitch, and whether you're in our club or not, we'll still try our best to give you a fair fight.

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